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Happy New Year: £10 off your first private yoga class of 2019

New year, more bespoke yoga! Or so we hope. And to help you get started, we are taking £10 off everyone's first private yoga class of 2019 booked on yogi2yogi by the end of January. 

How it works:

Log in (or sign up) at yogi2yogi and select what kind of yoga you want to practice and when (e.g. I want to practice power yoga on Wednesday at 8pm at home with 2 friends)You will receive offers from teachers who are available and pick the one you like the most (based on their profile, reviews, and price)After you've completed your bespoke yoga class, we will send you a £10 refund. 

This applies to private classes booked on our private yoga booking app and completed by the end of January 2019.

Make sure you book your first bespoke yoga class of 2019 on our private yoga booking app well in advance!

Get started and book your first private yoga class now - click here to start

P.S.: If you are living outside of the UK, we are taking €10 off your first private class of 2019 booked via www.yogi2yogi.com