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Meet Catie, trained yoga therapist whose core approach is: anything is possible

Catie is an organic vegan yoga coach, trained yoga therapist, based in London. She is spontaneous with an original integrated approach to yoga, that involves dynamic connective energy. She brings delight, ability and creative connection to her students. We asked Catie a few questions about her perspective on private yoga classes and her own yoga journey.

Yogi2yogi was created to enable people who love to practice yoga to arrange private, personalized classes directly with yoga teachers. In your own experience, what are the benefits of personalized yoga classes? 

"The benefits of personalised yoga classes are self-explanatory! They are personalised! Everyone has unique bodies, minds, breathing patterns! I see great transformations in strength, flexibility, rehabilitation, enjoyment, peace of mind in clients having one to one sessions. Clients have the space to raise what‘s going on with their body, their goals, and ask questions."

What is your favorite part about teaching private yoga classes? What's most rewarding about teaching one to one yoga classes? 

"I love teaching both group and private yoga classes. It is very obvious that people blossom under one to one attention, understand more fully what they are doing."

Who are personalized, private yoga classes most suitable for and why? 

"Personalized private classes are suitable for everyone. Together we can target weaker areas making them strengths and give great understanding of what one is doing in a yoga class and out. Also if joining a group class after private classes more can be gained from the experience as the alignment and intention of positions are understood."

What drew you personally to yoga? Do you have a favorite style?

"I naturally embodied yoga in a very lucid manner since childhood and delight in the play of form. Though the asanas came much later… I left a life that included a ‘career/ work/ hedge fund lawyer’ to one where I live my Love. I study many styles of yoga and handstands from the inside out and transform weaker areas in one’s yoga practise to great strengths …always expanding with passion. Approaches can vary between clients or what’s happening with a client at that moment. Going beyond style can be very useful!"

How would you characterize your way of teaching yoga?  

"Sharing a love of yoga. Generally dynamic, connective energy with much attention on alignment, though the style of the class can vary depending on what the class focus or intention is."

To arrange a private class with Catie, email us at info@yogi2yogi.com or go to her website www.cyoga.co.uk