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Meet the founder of private yoga booking app yogi2yogi

Our founder Michaela loves to practice yoga, but found attending crowded classes in busy London studios a bit too stressful. 

"I do yoga to calm down, not to get angry at a random person who doesn't  understand that you shouldn't  enter a yoga class 10 minutes after its official start, when those who actually arrived on time try to focus and deepen their breathing… The situations when you have to move your mat in the middle of a meditation can spoil the whole class for me. Needless to say that these classes are not for free. And needless to say that the space you typically get oftentimes equals the size of your yoga mat. Shouldn’t I be able to at least stretch my hands to the sides, I often wondered."

For quite some time Michaela gave up on classes in studios and practiced by herself, at home. But after a while she realized it would be great if someone checked if she was still doing all the positions the right way. And so she researched options for private yoga classes. Only to find out that she would not be able to afford them. 

"I knew there were at least 3 certified yoga teachers just in my street and I didn't believe they would charge me a sum I could not afford if it was a 5-minute walk for them. The problem was - not every teacher has the resources, and frankly, time, to build their own website and online presence. As a result, it was impossible to find them and to connect with them." 

And that's how yogi2yogi was born. To enable Michaela to find yoga teachers who lived quite nearby for private classes in her living room :-)

“I created yogi2yogi so that people like me can connect directly with yoga teachers for private classes. At home, in parks, at beaches, at work… Because I believe yoga was never supposed to be practiced in busy, overcrowded studios. I believe yoga should be practiced on your own terms."

Michaela wanted to give yogis and yoga teachers more freedom to decide when, where, and how they practice.  

"Yogi2yogi is a mere connector, yogis and yoga teachers are in charge – they decide when, where, and under what conditions they practice.” 

Yogi2yogi is now available in most EU cities. Michaela and the whole yogi2yogi team welcome all feedback and ideas how to make yogi2yogi work even better for both students and teachers of yoga. You can contact her directly at michaela@yogi2yogi.com.